Frustrations Over New Housing Policy at Susquehanna University

If people don’t want to live on campus they shouldn’t go to a campus that requires them to live on campus! That’s the choice they make. But that’s a choice they make every quarter they sign up. They can choose to go to a different college if you don’t want too. They can drive can’t they and they can also walk. And so they can pick a different college. I know they might get scholarships and if they do they are stuck wherever they get the most scholarship money and they knew that before they signed a contract. Why is this on the news anyway? Why is crap like this on the news anyway when we have people risking their lives over seas and thy’re not mentioned at all that’s ridiculous! In my opinion. Sorry for this outburst but then again I’m not. As always you followers no matter what I say or how I say it you followers will always be in my prayers. Jon


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