Obama to go it alone


I do agree we have to do something here, but we should try and do it civil before we go into another war.  When Barak Obama hasn’t done what he said he was going to do in the first war.    He said we were going to be out of the war were in and were still fighting it.  He is just going to create more trouble if he tries to fight 2 wars at the same time.  He is going to run out of military personnel is what he is going to do, we’re going to have to re-enact the draft and I don’t think that’s  a good idea either.  So I think we should stay out of there.  At least until Obama knows for sure Syria is going to strike, I know what your going to say then it might be to late.  I don’t know what to do, but I know we have to do something.  Going to war is not the right thing to do even if we should we need to do more thorough investigating before we go and put lives on the line.


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