Long-Time Teacher Assaulted by Student

This kid has a long road ahead of him. Maybe even not this time but eventually have to have jail time not just assault charges. This kid will have problems all his life unless he changes quick.


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CLEVELAND – A knock-out from a student may have ended the career of a long-time high school teacher.

“For a short moment, I didn’t know where I am. By the time I bring my head up, all the blood is coming,” East Technical High School teacher Ali Baghani said.

Baghani, 70, has a bump on his head, his nose is broken in three places and has an injured back, jaw and knee after a student punched him and knocked him out at school on August 21.

“I was almost unconscious. I heard somebody push me down also,” Baghani said.

Baghani said he was taking attendance in his gym class when he noticed a male student who was not on his roster and asked the boy to leave.

“He said, ‘OK, what happens if I stay?’ I said, ‘Sir, that’s not right. You have another class. You have…

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