Police: Suspicious Man Offered Boy Puppy

This is why you teach your children never to talk to strangers. This is a very important message. If you don’t teach your children this it’s your fault if they get kidnapped. Sorry that was so blunt but it is the truth!


PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A 12-year-old told police a man offered him a puppy and demanded that he approach his vehicle.

It happened Monday around 7:30 p.m. in Perkins Township.

According to a police report, the boy was returning from a friend’s home and nearly at his own door when he heard a man say, “Do ya want a puppy?”  He then repeated the question.

The boy’s mother is in the process of getting a dog, so the boy asked what kind.

The man claimed the boy’s mother was buying a Chihuahua from him, but the boy knew that was not the correct breed, so he started to go into the house.

The report stated the man said, “Come here,” two times.  A grandmother inside the home heard and managed to get a look at the man.

Neither she nor the boy recognized him.  He sped off toward Columbus Avenue.

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