We were once born into Christ.  If you were baptise, you were born into Christ.  This may sound weird but if you do remain loyal you will be reborn with Christ when you pass over.  You may have to spend time in Purgatory.  Or God may tell you, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  Hopefully I will receive the second one.  How do you think you are doing in serving your Lord?  Hopefully you will think back on your life about a lot of good parts and bad.   Out of both parts you should be able to receive lots of grace while looking back on your life.   Should be able to see why your life turned out the way it did.   If not,  just be happy it turned out the way it did.  If it, your life, did not turn out the way you wanted, you should be able to see some points that will turn your life around.  If you choose to take action related to your past, your future will change.  Again hopefully for the better.  At least that is what I will be praying.  Grace is something that you can’t live without.  So were always recieving some type of grace from God infact even when we cross over I think we will still recieve Grace from God so as long as God is in out life we will be recieving Grace for eternity.  I know eternity is a long time, but that is what I believe.  I believe Heaven is another step in our life and this earthly world is just the first step in our life.  As always you followers will be in my prayers and I might add to my posts every now and then so just be aware, or just subscribe to my blog through through my email every time as I post you will find it on my blog, if not I would appreciate it, it someone would tell me so that I can fix it, thanks!  Jon

sleep number beds

  For anybody with back problems, or again spastic quadrapelgia because you can adjust it to where their comfort level is, you know how hard it is to get to your level of comfort if you even do in the bed.  I know I went through several different mattresses and this is what I am going to try next.  I don’t know if you get a doctors slip if you can take it out on your taxes or not, it would be worth a try.  If I find anything else that will be helpful I will post you know I will.  Comfort is the key to having a good day, if you don’t have a good nights sleep your not going to have a good day.  That’s a major point!!  

4/15/14 Homily- please read Collosians 1:24-29 link is posted!

It’s in human weakness that the Lord shows his strength

It’s through frail human beings that Jesus himself builds the church,he sends his Holy spirtit to build the Kingdom despite human weakness

The greatest threat of the church comes from within

  I’m telling you as long as you believe in God and trust in God, he will not let you go astray.  He may let you go astray a little bit but he will always find you back.  That’s why I love him so much!  Because no matter what if we go at him with a repentative attitude he will forgive us, always no matter what we do or how bad it is.  He will always be right on time if we call on him.  All we have to do is call and he will be there.  All we have to do is call on his mother and she will be there too, no matter what we are going through in life.  We may not recognize that they are with us right away but sooner or later we will recognize them.  But we have to remember to call on them in our troubled times and they will always be there.