What not to do!

what not to doI know this is not like me to say this, but can we say they shouldn’t be behind the wheel?  It may have been foggy but no way!  Excuse me for saying this to but it was probably an elderly person.  Did I just say that?  WOW! Can we just say that, wow.  What kind of people do we have on the roads, wow I am just simply amazed.  I hope if I do something just as stupid as that somebody tells me not to drive any more no matter what age I am these people behind this windshield don’t need to be on the road.  Besides what I already put  I think they should put scramblers in all cars so that cell phones do not work and all computers that are hooked to an engine do work but any cell phone charger that is hooked to the car doesn’t work.  Any cell phone that is in the car shouldn’t work unless it’s hooked to your radio which would be hooked to the car.  So that would be part of the car anyways so it would work.  Is that a concept or what?  I am sick of people dying because of cell phones.  I am sick of people texting and getting into accidents because of cell phones.  What I am telling you in this message is what not to do.  I mean this who wants to sign this message with me and say no texts while driving?  Please!  If you need to text you need to pull off the road, if you need to call pull off the road, besides most likely if you need to call you probably need a tow truck.  That way your cell phone would work as your engine would be off so the scrambler would be off anyways.  So who would like this besides me?  I think we need to start a petition, I think this post needs to go around the whole world, who will help me?  If nobody likes this post I will be upset.  I am out to do what is right for you, not out to do what is right for myself but for you.  So I am praying for you, will you pray for me.  I know I am getting outright hateful today but I am sorry some things just really upset me.  Stupid drivers are one of those things today.  So please look out for the stupid drivers on the road which I am sure is not you.

Failure or Successors

A successor is somebody that does their job very well and helps other people.  A failure which is the one I am going to talk the most about is somebody that doesn’t know how to do their job.  It is someone who shouldn’t be in their job to begin with.  It is somebody that got their job because they are good at taking tests but some of them don’t know how to work in the real world.  Some of them don’t have I what I call emotional intelligence.  Some of those people don’t care what they do they are just there for the paycheck.  But that just hurts their clients, it gets really bad when the people don’t even know their clients.  Like if they are little children and they can’t complain.    Some people shouldn’t have even got their job to begin with especially because they don’t know how to work with their whole clientelle.  It is not really bad when you know  inside and out what you’re doing and you  do your job well and you like your job.   You get up every day wanting to do your job and people can tell that.  But people can also tell when you don’t want to be there and you’re not wanting to do your job.  I wonder how some people can sleep at night when they don’t want to do their job, but I hope most of you are successors and are out their to do your job and to do it well.  Because if you’re not I hate to tell you this, but I don’t like your morals, I don’t like your work morals.  Especially if you’re somebody that doesn’t show up for your job, that does your job half way and expects a full pay check.  Which you are probably going to get but only deserve half as your only doing half your job.  I hate how Mr.  Obama is thinking about raising the minimum wage, because that will lower the middle class.  So much so that eventually their will be the rich and the poor classes only.  Which I think is right out ridiculous.  The only other way I can put it is asinine.  I am sorry to be using so many negative words, but the lazy workers that think they can do no wrong get away with everything they do because they have not been wrote up or had a negative thing put in their file.  It is getting ridiculous.  I am sorry but some of the unions are only their to protect the lazy again I hate to use so many negative words in here but in other words I can say worthless.  They should kick every worthless person out and get somebody that isn’t worthless at their job in their to work, especially if it is supposed to be for our children.  quit leaving the working people support the welfare class.  They should do whatever they have to do to keep them within reason.  I have personally witnessed a school go on strike because of indifference,   that’s just flat-out ridiculous.  Sorry for my rant.  But sometimes a bad seed has to get out.  Somebody has to start weeding the bad plants out of the field we call life.  I felt like I had to be that one to complain today.  Because if everybody puts out stuff that’s not negative none of the bad stuff will get fixed or corrected.  I feel really strongly about this especially when it comes down to a future generation,  who knows that future generation might be our grandkids and we have to think about all of our grandkids and how to serve them to the best of our ability.  Or this world will keep going down in a spiral like a tornado.  Then every good person including you and me will get ate up by that tornado and we know we are not trying to be ate up by that tornado.

Don’t forget

  Don’t forget today might be your last day.  So don’t take it for granted.  Like so many people do.  I am trying to teach you by doing this blog, which I don’t say a lot but the whole purpose is to get you to slow down and take each day for what it is.  Every day not for what it could be not to change what you did in the past.  But to take today for what it is.  And to live each moment of every day, not just today like it could be your last.  So make up with your friends and enemies today now while you can, because their may not be a tomorrow.  tomorrow is not guaranteed the sun will rise tomorrow but you may not be alive to see it.  Or we may not be alive to see it no matter how you want to put it, it means the same thing.  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow, we are only guaranteed this moment right here, right now.  We are not even guaranteed five minutes from now.  We are almost sure we are going to live five minutes from now but it isn’t guaranteed.  It’s something we want but then again it’s not something we need, it’s only something we want to happen not something we need to happen.  Only God knows what the plan for us is today and we have to live by that.  We have to live by that rule not by our rule, God’s rule…whatever that rule may be…whateever that plan may be.  We may fit into our rule, God’s rule may be our rule, one in the same.  But it may not fit all the time.  We may go off path when we follow his rule, but his rule is the right rule.  His path is the right path.  Our path is the path we though we would take.  Most of the time they’re the same path.  Most of the time they go side by side.  But if we are troubled we can ask him to carry us and he will.  Sometimes there are two footprints, and sometimes there is only one.  But when there is one don’t look God in his face and tell him that he left you because he didn’t.  He picked you up and carried you in your troubled times.  That’s one thing that is hard for me to realize sometimes, but morst of the time I get what most of the people don’t want to see, don’t want to believe.  They just don’t want to believe the truth.  Or they don’t want to follow the one true God, the one and only God.  The one true faith, the truth is there are many faiths out there no matter which faith you are, you have a way to get to Heaven.  As I said before it may be a bumpy way to get to Heaven but there is a way to get to Heaven.  I may have a better road to get to Heaven than you or you may have a better road to get to Heaven than me, but there is a road to get to Heaven and now don’t forget we can go both ways.  We can go to Heaven or hell, most of us don’t pick the road to go to hell.  Hopefully none of you will.  Most of you will not.  Hopefully I am right in saying none of you will pick that road but I may be wrong.  There is always a chance we could be wrong or we could be right, it’s a 50/50 chance.  So I don’t know which way you are going to take.  But I hope you take the hight road not the low road.  I hope I choose to follow the high road and not the low road too, but we never know.  We never know when our will is going to take over.  WE hope never.  We hope our will is the same will as God’s will but the truth is we will never know.  That’s why I always choose to follow God’s will over my will because I know God would never lead me astray, and when I follow my will I know their’s a chance I could make myself fall.  The truth is when you follow your will and not God’s will you can do the same thing.  As I do many times make myself, I fall.  But I know I have to get up on the horse again.  And try to follow Jesus Christ our Saviour once again.  As I hope all of you will.  If your lost please feel free to contact me, your local priest, minister, or please visit http://www.catholicscomehome.org/ This world is getting darker by the day.  So we have to shine our light bright!  If we have a light burning in us, which I think all of you do.  But we have to learn to follow that light and let it burn bright, let it catch other people’s candles on fire.  Don’t be afraid to share God at your place of work.  The most you can do is get fired, you are getting fired for the right reason if you do get fired.  Everything you do for God is the right thing to do.  When is the last time you put someone else’s life before yourself?  When you are doing that God saves you.


Prayers are needed for a young couple in a custody dispute.  A young female in children’s hospital that will have to remain there for a long time.  And a male that was hit by a car, that will have effects for the rest of his life when and if he even gets out of the hospital.